Everything Erica’s Clean Eating Challenge 

Juice RX

Bottom line, I’ve had quite a few weeks of overeating. I never knew getting engaged would mean gaining 5 lbs, but embarrassingly, it happened. It seems like lately everyone wants to send me chocolate, buy me dinner or shower me with all my favorite food items. While it’s been fun (and I’m totally grateful for all the love), I feel awful inside and I’m determined to jumpstart my wedding diet with a week of completely clean, raw, vegan eating. I've decided to start Monday, September 7th (one ... [ Read More ]

Lose 10lbs in 3 days – The Military Diet Review


There are so many fad diets out there that most of the time, when I see them, it's pure white noise. However, recently, I had a friend tell me that they tried this new diet called the Military Diet and saw a 10lb weight loss in just 3 days. She told me it was an easy to follow, 3-day food plan that you are on for 3 days and off for 4. Although it sounded to good to be true, I did some research online and found some interesting evidence. First, the Military Diet claims that its chemically ... [ Read More ]

The Night I had Dinner w/ an Owner of Gibsons Steakhouse

gibsons steakhouse review

There are a lot of really cool things about my job! For one, I get to eat A LOT. I'm always invited to try out the newest and best restaurants plus, I get the pleasure of teaching cooking classes to like-minded foodies. It really is a dream! Despite all the exciting things I get to do on a daily basis, the other day, somehow, my job got even more fantastic. I got to have dinner at the iconic Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse with one of the Managing Partners, John Colletti, and boy did I get ... [ Read More ]

The Best Proposal for a Foodie – Video

everything erica foodie proposal ring in egg

Hands down, this is one of the most thoughtful proposals I have ever seen in my entire life. The best part? I happen to have lived it, because it was my own proposal (okay so maybe I'm biased). The backstory on this unbelievable moment, was that I thought I was filming a DevHour TV episode and making crepes. What I didn't know, is that my boyfriend (now fiancé) had been working with one of the producers on a surprise proposal that would change the rest of my life. On top of the hiding the ... [ Read More ]

Cauliflower/Zucchini Crust Pizza (No Dairy OR Gluten )

Zucchini crust pizza

Last night I taught a Cauliflower Crust Pizza making class via my Everything Erica cooking school on Dabble. Normally, if there are any dietary restrictions, my students e-mail me before hand and I can figure out a way to take care of it. This time, one of the attendees forgot to let me know that she was completely dairy-free (yikes!). If you've seen or made my cauliflower crust pizza before, you know the "dough" is packed with cheese. The last thing I wanted to do was send this girl home ... [ Read More ]