Roasted Garlic Turkish Hummus

Turkish Hummus

If you're a big hummus lover like me, then you must try this delicious roasted garlic Turkish hummus. I stumbled across this variation last month when I was visiting my friend, Holley, in Philadelphia. She took me to this great Israeli restaurant called, Zahav, and we decided to start with one of their house specialities, the Turkish Hummus. If you haven't heard of it before (I hadn't), it's made with butter instead of tahini and served warm out of the oven. It's complete heaven and I would ... [ Read More ]

Positive Vibes Only!


Recently, I got a pretty harsh comment in response to my "5 Ways to not get Fat over the Holidays"and I felt like it was important for me to publicly respond to this person. The person writes: "I don’t get the obsession about being skinny. You waste your time obsessing about your looks when everything else is so much more important. You’re one of hundreds of thousands of women who just succumb to the pressures that society places on them instead of finding strength and fighting ... [ Read More ]

Hutch: A Memorable Chicago Brunch

Hutch brunch

Last month I had such a great dinner experience at Hutch in Lakeview, that I thought it might be fun to give them a try for Brunch. After heading online and checking out their jaw-dropping menu, I was 100% sold and booked my reservation. The biggest issue I had going into this meal was that I wanted to try SO many things and I honestly couldn't decide. That's why I brought a group of friends with me who were down to dine "family style", so that we could try a few different ... [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Not Get Fat Over the Holidays

Help me Scale

Sorry to be so blunt, but my blog title got your attention right? As my blog and social media has grown over the past few months, the #1 question I've been asked recently is "How do you stay skinny when you eat so much?". First off, let me first say that I don't not consider myself  skinny. I have curves and just like many of you, I struggle every single day of my life with feeling bloated and heavy. I do recognize however, that considering that amount of food I eat or am perceived to eat ... [ Read More ]

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for a Foodie

Gift guide

I can't believe the 2014 holiday season has begun (and that the year is almost over)! This has been such a fun year for Everything Erica and I couldn't be more excited to share my gift guide for a foodie with you! Over the course of 2014, I've been exposed to a ton of really cool, food-related products, services and gadgets. While it's been hard to narrow it down , I think I've finally rounded up the best of the best for the foodies in your life. 1) A Green Polka Dot Box Membership: I've ... [ Read More ]