5 Spiced-Up Thanksgiving Side Dishes

thanksgiving-turkey (1)

For me, Thanksgiving is less about the turkey and more about the delicious side dishes (if you're a turkey lover, don't judge me). Real talk though, Thanksgiving is a culinary opportunity to entertain and wow your guests. It's my biggest pet peeve when people just succumb to laziness and make the same, boring and traditional side dishes (I'm looking at you mashed potatoes). This year, I challenge you to step outside of your culinary comfort zone and spice up at least one of your ... [ Read More ]

Fruity Pebbles French Toast

fruity pebble french toast

Yesterday, I had brunch with my friend, Chloe, at Flo in the Ukrainian Village of Chicago. If you haven't check this place out...you simply need to. They had this insanely unique Fruity Pebble french toast that felt like a huge mashup of all my childhood favorites. After leaving brunch, I felt like I just had to recreate (not only for myself, but for all my readers living outside of Chicago)! So, after brunch, off to the grocery store I went to figure out how to make this delicious dish and ... [ Read More ]

Finnish Pancakes

Finnish Pancake

If you haven't tried (or heard of) a Finnish Pancake, you are probably reading this a little bit confused. If you HAVE had one of these delicious beauties, then you a reading this with excitement in hopes of scoring the recipe! For those of you who don't know what a Finnish Pancake is, the best way I can describe it is if a crepe, pancake and omelet had a baby, it would be this pancake. It's baked in the oven and super easy to make for large brunch. My recipe feeds 4 people, but it can easily ... [ Read More ]

Si Fu: A Latin/Chinese Fusion


If you're a foodie, I'm sure you can totally relate to my indecisive daily food dilemmas. It's like, do I want a yummy asian stir-fry or maybe some carnitas tacos with rice? Well, I have officially solved these foodie problems by discovering Si Fu, a Chinese Latin fusion restaurant located in Roscoe Village. This place has everything from cream cheese filled wontons to spicy beef empanadas. Si Fu also have a huge selection of tacos, burritos, stir-frys, soups and salads all with your choice ... [ Read More ]

Shake Shack Chicago: A First Timers Tale

Shake Shack Chicago

For years I've been hearing the hype surrounding the legendary Shake Shack. Having never lived in a city that had one (and never being that keen on waiting in a long line for a burger when I am on vacation), I just never got around to trying this hot spot. Flash forward to tonight. My first Shake Shack experience has happened and as a result, I am regretting the last 10 years that I've avoided it. This place is freaking epic (and it's not just because they make a bomb burger). Let me start ... [ Read More ]