How Chicken Riggies Came to Chicago

chicken riggies

Over the last few days, many of you have been asking me how I was able to get chicken riggies to a restaurant in Chicago. is my story... Last week, I was having dinner at The Pasta Bowl on Clark Street in Lincoln Park. As I was enjoying my dinner, the owner came by to check-in and we started chatting about my food blog. He asked me how I grew so quickly and I gave him a quick, two word answer, "chicken riggies". "What's a riggie?" he said. You may be asking yourself the ... [ Read More ]

ARTango Bistro: Great Food with a Side of Tango Dancing


I love going to out to dinner! The problem is, I always end up eating so much, that any subsequent plans I have after dinner usually don't happen because I have no energy to make it to the next spot. A few weeks ago, I heard about this really cool restaurant called ARTango Bistro in Lakeview. I was told that it's a great place for dinner and dancing all in one (no re-locating necessary)! Now I'm not much of a tango dancer (let alone a dancer of any sort), but this sounded like fun! I liked ... [ Read More ]

Inside Everything Erica’s Bridal Shower


As I sit here and reflect on this last weekend, I can't help but feel overcome with love, a warm heart and amazing memories. As some of you know (if you follow me on social media), this weekend I had my first bridal shower (a champagne brunch) at Mistral restaurant in Boston. I feel so blessed. My shower was thrown by 3 of my fiancé's amazing aunts, Patty, Cathy and Dana and his grandmother, Ellie. Not only did they make it a special event for all the guests, but they took the time to create ... [ Read More ]

Fake Shack — A Shake Shack Burger Copy Cat Recipe

fake shack

With all the hype over Shake Shack lately, I thought it was necessary to create an at home version (a fake shack) that you can make any night of the week. While I'll agree that Shake Shack has something special, it is actually really easy to recreate at home (and since you know exactly what's going in it, you're probably saving yourself a few calories). The 3 key components you need to create a copy cat version of this burger are: -The sauce -The size/shape/cooking method of the burger ... [ Read More ]

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

Over the last year, not a day has gone by without someone asking me how I come up with my recipes. Usually, I take inspiration from restaurant menus, farmers markets or food conversations with friends. However, every once in a while, I wake up in the middle of the night and a genius recipe idea just pops into my head. Over the weekend, this exact phenomenon happened. I introduce to you, my latest creation....the buffalo chicken pot pie (insert *gasp* here)! This dish is epic. I thought ... [ Read More ]