Zucchini Noodle Pasta w/ RAW Tropical Marinara

Zucchini noodle

Last week I did something pretty cool. I filmed a video recipe segment with one of my FAVORITE foodies, Bobby Parish, of Flav City. We had been tossing the idea of filming together for a while and when it finally happened, it turned out even better than I would have imagined. It all started when Bobby saw my recipe for Zucchini Noodle Caprese Pasta that featured the phenomenal Chelsydale peeler and the result was something incredible... A zucchini noodle pasta with a raw (yes raw) tropical ... [ Read More ]

Morel Mushroom & Pea Truffle Risotto

truffle rissoto

What if I told you that I made risotto from scratch for the first time this weekend? I know, it's kind of embarrassing, but at the same time, it came out perfect and should inspire you to give it a try yourself! I was always so scared to make risotto (don't ask me why), but when my husband requested it by name, I knew it was time to take the plunge. I was inspired to make this specific recipe as I was walking through Green City Farmers Market. I went early in the say and saw they still had ... [ Read More ]

Chicken Pot Pie Deep Dish Pizza (Thanks to Door to Door Organics)

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When I find myself too busy to cook, it’s usually because I don’t have the time to grocery shop. Also, being able to get to a farmers market or organic grocery store takes a lot of time and effort out of my day. Well, today I am sharing my secret on how I am so busy, but still manage to make delicious, healthy and organic recipes. I owe it all to my recent discovery of Door to Door Organics. Door to Door Organics partners with local farmers and grocers to bring organic produce and Good ... [ Read More ]

Sriracha Coleslaw

Sriracha Coleslaw

Whenever I'm having a BBQ or picnic, I find that the sides are the most exciting part of the entire meal. The other day, I had a bbq with some friends and I was in charge of the coleslaw. At first, I was kind of bummed because how can you possibly make coleslaw not boring. Then, I started playing around with the dressing and created a miracle. Just by adding a little Sriracha and honey to my traditional coleslaw recipe, I made side-dish magic. You need to try this! What you’ll need 1 cup ... [ Read More ]

Top 5 Sushi Spots in Chicago

top 5 sushi restaurants in chicago

Every single time I meet someone in Chicago, they always ask me what my favorite restaurant is.  Given the nature of what I do, this isn't a strange question, however for me, it's a fully loaded one. With all the incredible restaurants and so many different genres of food in Chicago, how could I ever possibly narrow it down? My follow-up question is always, "Okay give me a type of cuisine." 90% of the time, they say sushi. Having recently come back from a trip to Tokyo, my sushi snobbery ... [ Read More ]