Holy Guacamole! 5 Jazzed Up “Guac” Recipes

Holy Guacamole- 5 ways

Simply put, I am obsessed with guacamole. I find that the creamy texture and buttery flavor of an avocado makes such a great base for creating some really interesting and unique dips. That's why I want to break the guacamole out of it's purist form and jazz it up with one of these fun new recipes! Before I start, my basic recipe is just mashed avocado, a little lime juice, some pressed garlic, tomatoes, salt & pepper. Simple and delicious! 1. Tex Mex Chile Corn This recipe is on ... [ Read More ]

Mexican Made Easy: Homemade Enchiladas


I'm a huge fan of Mexican food. The problem? I HATE cilantro and it's anything but avoidable at most Mexican restaurants. As a result, I've started exploring the art of Mexican cuisine (and by explore, I mean play around with ingredients until they taste good) so that I can make my own cilantro-free dishes. Now, I'm not calling myself Rick Bayless, but I think I made some pretty bomb enchiladas the other day and I'm really excited to share the recipe. I even took a stab at making my own ... [ Read More ]

Want to Share a Meal with Me?

Dine with Everything Erica

Lately, I’ve had an influx of “Ask Erica’s” and private messages asking me if I teach cooking classes or would be willing to share a meal with one of my readers to chat. I’ve also even had someone ask me if I could cook for her family for the week! All of these opportunities sounded like so much fun and I decided I would look into doing them and see what happens! What I found is that starting down that path presents a whole new business venture that involves insurance and more.  It totally ... [ Read More ]

5 Instagrams EVERY Foodie Should Follow

5 Instagram Foodies you should follow

Are you a foodie whose Instagram feed filled with a disgusting amount of boring, shameless selfies, celebrities that make you feel bad about your life and sub par food photos? Well today, I have a remedy for that problem. Today, I am going to share with you my 5 favorite food-related Instagrams. Honestly, I didn't realize you could develop a crush on person based on photos that they post of their food, but it has happened with all of these people.  I honestly don't think you can call yourself ... [ Read More ]